Student fans cheerDear Students,

Rivalry Week is always a highlight at Lafayette.  Over the years, I have heard great stories from alums of all ages about games they attended and traditions they cherished. I feel privileged to have been President during the 150th Rivalry game played at Yankee Stadium in 2014. (Especially since we flattened Lehigh, 27-7).

I hope that you’ll take part in some of the many events planned for this weekend, including cheering on the team at Goodman Stadium. I want all of you to have a fun time and create many good memories along with your friends.

We often speak about the sense of community we feel here at Lafayette. During the Take Back the Night vigil a few weeks ago, one student spoke passionately about the responsibility of students to look out for each other. “When you chose to come to Lafayette, you signed up for a community where we give a shit about each other,” she said.  I think that’s a great description of who we are and who we aspire to be.

None of us wants to remember this as a weekend marked by an injury, assault, or tragedy.  If you see a friend who may need help, get them that help. You can be an even better friend, though, by preventing someone you care about from getting to a state in which their health or judgment is impaired.

As you enjoy this weekend, please look out for your friends, and take good care of yourself. Let’s make this an occasion that we all look back on with pride and pleasure, together.

Go Pards!

President Alison Byerly